A Security-Enhanced vTPM 2.0 for Cloud Computing

Published in International Conference on Information and Communications Security, 2017


Virtual Trusted Platform Module is required in cloud due to the scalability and migration of virtual machine. Through allocating a vTPM (Virtual Trusted Platform Module) to a VM (Virtual Machine), users of VM can use the vTPM’s crypto and measurement function, like using the physical TPM. However, current vTPM still faces some key challenges, such as lacking runtime protection for the vTPM keys and code, lacking the mechanism of vTPM keys management, and lacking the support for the new TPM 2.0 specification. To address these limitations, we design vTPM 2.0 system and then propose a runtime protection approach for vTPM 2.0 based on SGX. Furthermore, we present vTPM key distribution and protection mechanism. We have implemented vTPM 2.0 system and the security-enhanced protection mechanism. As far as we know, the vTPM 2.0 system based on KVM and its security-enhanced mechanism are designed and implemented for the first time.