Enabling Secure Location Authentication in Drone

Published in The 23th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, 2017



With the popularity of commodity drones in a wide variety of applications, significant security issues have been raised. One of the major problems is that a legal drone may be illegally hijacked by GPS spoofing attacks. Though some GPS anti-spoofing techniques have been proposed, no effec- tive technique has been implemented in commodity drones yet due to practical limitations. Motivated by the ubiqui- tous WiFi signals around us, we propose WiDrone, a WiFi fingerprint location cross-check based anti-hijacking system on commodity drones in this poster. WiDrone still relies on GPS for navigation but it will authenticate the destination by comparing current WiFi fingerprint (CWF) with the des- tination WiFi fingerprint (DWF) when the drone receives a landing order. Furthermore, we propose a WiFi fingerprint authentication algorithm to decide whether CWF matches DWF. We have designed and implemented the prototype of WiDrone on DJI Matrice 100 to ascertain the practicability of proposed system.